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Website Design & Online Traffic for Home-Service Businesses

We help Local Home-Service Businesses dominate on Google with high-converting websites that turn visitors into calls and appointments. Our local team drives quality traffic through targeted paid campaigns and local SEO, exponentially increasing client conversion.

Local Markets We Serve:


Pest Control




Pressure Washing

Carpet Cleaning



Electrical Services

Mold Remediation

Fencing Services

Pool Maintenance

...and many more!

We're Local Just Like You

No outsourcing on our Website Design services. None.

Our locally staffed agency handles everything for you, right here in SW Florida. Enjoy great communication, fast turn-around, and a team that understands our local market trends.

There's No Doubt You're Good At What You Do

Your business is growing. Your customers are super satisfied. Word-of-mouth has worked for you... until now.

Suddenly, you feel like your business is ready for another boost, and you know that people are searching for your services online daily. Some may even end up on your website, but you’re just not getting any appointments – only spam calls and solicitations.
“Could it be the website design? The competition? Not enough SEO? What am I doing wrong?”
Sozo Web Agency has worked with many local home-service businesses in various industries. We have created a fast-track to put your business front and center. We help to generate calls and appointments from your specific target market, reducing waste of your time and resources on tire-kickers and unsuitable audience.

Design with Precision

Our focus is to get you more jobs.

We stay on the edge of what is working for the home-service industry and continue to outperform old designs with what works today.

Better Design

We don’t just design pages. We craft your brand’s digital presence to converse, connect, and convert.

Better Systems

Your business needs the right plugins, setups, and third-party integrations. It's already part of our process.

Better Conversion

Our clients experience an immediate boost in conversion. It's all about the perfect messaging and design!

You've mastered your trade, we’ve mastered ours.

At Sozo, we address the unique challenges home-service business owners face with digital agencies, offering seamless, effective, and locally-relevant web solutions that drive success.

Problems We Solve

The Constant Problems with Web Designers

Communication Breakdown After Sale

Once the contract is signed, many business owners struggle to communicate directly with the design team. The process becomes frustrating with intermediaries like salespeople or overseas project managers who lack design experience and understanding of local preferences.

Outsourcing Overseas, Resulting in Misaligned Designs

Many digital agencies outsource design work overseas, where cultural differences lead to designs that don’t resonate with your local audience. These designs often look outdated or inappropriate for the US market, creating a disconnect between your business and potential clients.

Content Creation Burden on Business Owners

Service business owners often have to provide their own website content, a task that can be overwhelming and time-consuming. They know their business but may struggle to communicate their strengths effectively online, leading to generic and uninspiring websites.

Paying for Ineffective Services

Many business owners are swayed into paying for months of ineffective services like outdated SEO tactics and trendy dashboards that don’t bring tangible results. This leads to wasted resources on services that fail to generate new business.

Solutions We Provide

Effective Solutions from Sozo Web Agency

Direct Access to Local Experts

Sozo assigns a dedicated local project manager to your account. Our team, based in SW Florida, understands the local market trends and aesthetics, ensuring your vision is effectively communicated and realized. We bridge the gap, providing clear, direct communication with design experts who know your goals and market.

Locally Crafted Designs

Sozo Web Agency designs everything in-house, right here in SW Florida. We are attuned to the local market, adapting to new trends, and creating beautiful, functional designs that appeal to your specific audience. Our deep understanding of the local culture ensures your website looks modern and relevant, driving engagement and conversions.

Professional Content Development

We take the burden off your shoulders. Sozo Web Agency excels in creating tailored content that highlights your competitive advantage and speaks directly to your target audience. We craft unique, compelling narratives that showcase your business’s strengths, ensuring no templates or cookie-cutter solutions.

Results-Driven Strategies

Sozo focuses on what works. We fast-track your website to attract the right visitors who receive the right message. Our approach ensures visitors find what they need quickly and are encouraged to take action, resulting in more calls, appointments, and business growth. We prioritize strategies that deliver real, measurable results.

Services That Scale

Our comprehensive services are designed to elevate your home-service business and drive sustainable growth.

Google Business Profile

We help in the creation, management, and optimization of your GBP.

Google Ads

Get immediate targeted visitors who are ready to move forward with you.

Social Media Management

Establish, maintain, and grow your online presence in the markets that matter most.

SEO & Analytics

Stay ahead on current Search Engine Optimization trends and analysis.

A Stellar Reputation

We had an immediate increase of phone calls and leads once new website was complete and can already see how the SEO work will turn out to a lot more business for us soon.
Payton Cruz
Sky Auto Shipping
The designers at Sozo Web Agency have an incredible knack for understanding their clients vision and turning it into a visually stunning and user friendly website! Attention to detail is on point, and their ideas are unique! Friendly, dedicated, creative, and proficient. Highly recommend!
Gina Tedesco
WR Wealth Planners
Sozo has been such a wonderful agency, they have truly helped market our clinic and help turn around the formality of our public presentation. The team has been such a pleasure to work with. Renan has personally spent various hours in our clinic just observing to help see how he and his team can help us improve. In the short time we have worked together Renan, his team and the hard work of my staff and providers have been able to bring our reviews up from a 3.9 to a 4.4!! I would highly recommend Sozo Web Agency for any marketing assistance!
Erin Ditmars
Erin Ditmars
AFC Urgent Care
Everyone at Sozo has done a great job for us! Renan takes his commitment to his clients seriously and does whatever it takes to get the desired results. The communication is excellent, they keep their promises, and meet their deadlines. Highly recommended.
John Smelser
Delaney Manufacturing
Leads Generation

Your Local Design Team

What to expect when working with Sozo.

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