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SW Florida's Home-Service Businesses

Small businesses are essential to the operation of our economy, the wellbeing of our community, and the enrichment of our families.

As a local small business ourselves, attuned to the local market, we design everything in-house right here in SW Florida.

Markets We Serve

Our agency's focus is on the growth and support of local businesses, specializing (but not limited) to the industries listed below.

Support Local Business

Contrary to the stereotype of small business owners wearing suits and ties, the typical local service business owner in Sarasota is more often seen in a t-shirt and jeans.

From granite countertop fabricators to paver sealers, these dedicated individuals contribute significantly to our community every day. While they may not yet have billions of dollars or thousands of employees, their impact on our city’s economy, wellbeing, and enrichment is immeasurable.
These business owners are the backbone of Sarasota and Manatee Counties, providing essential services that enhance the quality of life for residents. They build relationships based on trust and reliability, often becoming integral members of their neighborhoods. Their commitment to excellence and personal touch sets them apart, fostering a sense of community and continuity. By supporting local businesses, we not only invest in our local economy but also in the shared prosperity and vibrancy of our area.

Our Local Contribution

Empowering Sarasota businesses with superior web design and advertising to drive growth and community impact.

Renan DeBarros, founder of Sozo Web Agency, has been a Sarasota local since 1994. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has owned multiple businesses in the area, experiencing both successes and challenges. His direct experience with owning a service business in Sarasota highlighted a significant gap in quality and workmanship in online services, especially regarding effective local search engine optimization (SEO) for service businesses.
Additionally, Renan encountered difficulties in finding a skilled local web designer capable of creating beautiful and functional websites. Over 15 years ago, he decided to leverage his God-given talents—creativity, administration, and a drive for perfection—to master website development and SEO.
Over the past 15 years, Renan has achieved remarkable results, such as doubling the annual revenue of a Sarasota service company to over $5M, building a local cleaning business to over $1M in annual revenue, and assisting numerous other businesses in enhancing their online presence and revenues, many reaching seven to eight-figure annual revenues.
Under Renan’s leadership, Sozo Web Agency proudly contributes to Sarasota’s thriving economy. The agency takes pride in helping clients achieve online market dominance. Sozo’s mission is to support honest, hardworking Sarasota businesses in thriving, expanding their reach and influence, and providing exceptional service to the community.

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