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Web Designs That Convert

Sozo is a Sarasota Website Designer Agency specialized in helping local service businesses in creating beautiful websites that convert traffic into clients.

We understand how important lead generation is for the growth of your business, which is why we take a holistic and data-driven approach to designing websites that perform.

Here are three essential elements that we focus on when designing lead generation websites:
A lead form is one of the most effective way to collect information from prospective clients. By having a lead form on your website, you can gather key information such as name, email, phone number, and budget. This information is then stored in your leads database where you can follow up with potential clients at a right away.
Another important element of lead generation websites is having a visible phone number. This allows potential clients to easily get in touch with your business should they have any questions or need more information.
Lastly, it is important to design a lead generation website that is easy to use. This means having a well-organized layout with clear CTAs (calls-to-action) and easy to find contact information.

Beauty in Branding

NSS Granite, Marble, and Quartz

This is our second design for NSS’s website. It includes an entirely new brand, consisting of a new name, new logo, consistent color scheme, and specialty foundation & principles. 

The current website designed for NSS surpasses all local competitors’ websites in functionality and beauty. 

NSS Granite, Marble, and Quartz Website Design
Design for Mobile

Designed for mobile

It is essential that NSS website’s visitors find the best mobile experience. Their website was designed to make it easy for customers to send in their kitchen renovation’s drawings, schedule a showroom appointment, or make a quick phone call.

NSS currently receives dozens of online entries from their customers every month. Many customers submit their kitchen renovation’s drawings online, while some are still in the beginning process of the kitchen renovation and set up their in-person appointment ahead of time, while visiting NSS’s website.

The importance of the Customer Journey

As website designers, we are responsible for keeping the right website visitors engaged and feeling like they belong.

This means we have to think about the branding, the welcome, and how to educate website visitors so they understand what we’re offering.

Websites are important touchpoints for customers and potential customers. They are one of the first places people look when they want to learn more about a company or product. Creating a positive customer journey on your website is essential to building trust and credibility with your audience.

The customer journey begins the moment a visitor lands on your site. It’s our job to make sure they feel welcomed and that their needs are being met. We do this by ensuring our branding is strong and consistent, reassuring them they are at the right place for the services they are looking for, and making sure the navigation is easy to follow.

Once we’ve got your visitor’s attention, it is time to educate them about your process (i.e. your way of doing what you do best) and why you’re the best at it (what separates you from your competitors). We do this by providing clear and simple information about your products or services, using testimonials and customer reviews to build trust, and featuring calls to action that encourage conversion.

By taking website visitors on a journey that is both informative and enjoyable, we can build trust, credibility, and loyalty that ensure they reach out to you to ask for a quote or book one of your services right away.

Born to Function

Edified Services

Edified Services was just getting started when we helped them to upgrade from a generic website into what now produces them with hundreds of leads.

This simple, yet effective website has a personable touch that gains trust and attracts the right target market. 

We are thankful to be a part of Edified Services’ growing success!

Edified Services
Website Design Mobile

Designed for mobile

A sleek and modern mobile design, including functional features that make the phones ring. 

At Edified Services, many website visitors are guided through what it may look like to have their services performed by Edified Services, until they are met with the choice to book for services right on their phones. This has led to many booked jobs before any other contact is made with the business!