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We exist to empower home-service businesses with cutting-edge web design and digital marketing solutions, ensuring they dominate their local markets and convert online traffic into real-world revenue.

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Sozo Web Agency, based in Sarasota, Florida, was founded by Renan DeBarros in 2020. Renan’s journey began in sales management across several industries, including Electronics, Insurance, and Finance. In 2012, he launched his Auto Glass company, successfully selling it in 2014. Renan then spent a couple of years working with a business accelerator global branding organization, where he gained invaluable insights into branding and business development. Armed with this knowledge, he transformed his family’s cleaning business from modest revenues to a 7-figure enterprise with over 20 employees through strategic online marketing. This success inspired the creation of Sozo Web Agency, focused on helping home-service businesses achieve financial growth through innovative web design and digital marketing strategies.


To deliver exceptional web design and digital marketing services that turn visitors into clients for home-service businesses. We combine local expertise with strategic innovation to enhance our clients’ online presence and


To be the premier web design and digital marketing agency for home-service businesses, recognized for transforming online presence into tangible business success. We aim to set the standard for excellence by leveraging local knowledge, innovative solutions, and a commitment to client success.

From Our Founder

If you have been operating your business for five years or more, you’ve already beaten the odds. Statistics show that only about 20% of businesses survive their first year, and 50% face closure within five years. By the end of a decade, only 33% remain successful startups, so there’s still a journey ahead.

Businesses fail for various reasons, but the root problem often lies in finding more customers who are a perfect fit for your services and getting them to commit.

When I built my first service-based local business in the auto glass industry, I took a different approach. Instead of seeking new business at gas stations and car washes, I focused on developing an online lead-generating machine.

The challenge I faced was the lack of professionalism and attention to detail from local web designers. Many claimed to know what to do, but few delivered.

Growing up in a household of multimedia professionals—my father ran a video production agency in Brazil, and my brother taught me web design and internet basics—I immersed myself in learning web design and online lead generation systems, including local listings, backlinking, and search engine optimization (SEO).

In a short time, I began generating online leads organically without spending on online advertising. My business quickly reached the first page of Google, outpacing the competition.

This was the start of an 18-month journey that led to the sale of that business. Although I wasn’t passionate about running a contractor-type business with constant insurance company battles, the website continues to generate organic leads today.

Since then, I have focused on helping other businesses grow. I doubled the annual revenue of a 7-figure local fence business in Sarasota within nine months, primarily through sales management and customer service. I also developed an exceptional home cleaning business with my mother, which now generates over a million dollars in annual revenue. While my mother manages the business, Sozo handles online advertising, client acquisition, and lead generation.

We are proud to have helped many local Sarasota businesses achieve their client acquisition goals. Our approach goes beyond building beautiful websites that convert traffic into paying customers; we build brands that homeowners can relate to and trust.

Our journey has just begun. Our team is more capable than ever of taking our clients to new heights and helping them dominate the local market in their industry.

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